Enable Auto Play for Audio

To get the best experience with this course we recommend you allow audio to auto-play for this website. Most browsers have this disabled by default, but luckily enabling auto-play is easy, and once enabled, any audio on the same website that is set to auto-play will play automatically without any additional steps.

Note that this tutorial covers how to change the auto-play behavior for a particular website, not all websites, so be sure to start this process with the website you want to enable autoplay on already open in your browser.

Let’s take a look how to accomplish this in 3 popular browsers; Google Chrome, Safari for Mac, and Firefox.

Google Chrome

  1. Click the padlock in the address bar and then click “Site Settings” which opens in a new tab.
  2. Look for the Sound option and change from “Automatic (default)” to “Allow“.
  3. Now close that tab, which should return you to the previous tab. Chrome will prompt you to reload that page, so click “Reload”.

Safari for Mac

  1. Right-click in the address bar and select “Settings for This Website“.
  2. Under “Auto Play” select “Allow All Auto-Play“.
  3. Reload the page, and the audio should play automatically.


  1. Click the padlock in the address bar.
  2. Click the arrow next to the connection security info and select “More Info“.
  3. Select the Permissions tab and under Autoplay uncheck “Use Default“.
  4. Now you can select “Allow Audio and Video“.
  5. Close the dialog box. Refresh the page to have the audio play automatically.
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