Dr. Mary Kathryn Campion

Mary Kathryn Campion

Dr. Campion is the founder and president of Champion Capital Research. The firm is a research oriented institutional investment management company. The firm’s clientele includes public defined benefit and corporate defined contribution plans, as well as foundations and non-profits. Champion Capital Research has the distinction of being the first firm to certify for fiduciary excellence (CEFEX) a 2.5B public defined benefit plan. The firm has conducted fiduciary assessments for public and corporate plans whose combined assets exceed thirty billion (30B) in assets. Additionally, the firm donates nearly five percent of its profits to charities annually.

Dr. Campion has held the position of adjunct faculty for the Center for Fiduciary Studies at the University of Pittsburgh since 2007. She also lectures and teaches at local universities. At Rice University’s Glasscock School, Campion taught economics, finance, equity and fixed income theory and strategy, portfolio management, risk management, and investments. At the University of Houston, Campion taught undergraduate micro and macroeconomic classes. For public fund trustees, Dr. Campion authored and continues to instruct the Certified Trustee Training curriculum. She continues to be a member of TEXPERs Education Committee. Campion has been engaged as a legal expert in securities disputes and lawsuits. Campion was a retained speaker for the CFA Society and spoke in countries including England, Ireland, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Canada, and in major cities in the United States.

Dr. Campion’s experience with large institutional clientele includes analyses of diversified public assets and private equity and real estate holdings. Analysts at the firm have experience analyzing private equity and real estate cash flows, reporting gross and net of fee performance, and assessing performance relative to benchmarks. Importantly, the firm has developed governance, ethics and policy statements for public pension plans, and has ongoing relationships to monitor those plans as well as update annually the policies and procedures for defined benefit and contribution plans.

Dr. Campion board and council positions include the Houston Symphony Orchestra’s (HSO) Chairperson for the Pension Committee, HSO Leadership and Governance Committee, and Rice University’s Initiative for the Study of Economics. She is a member of the National Association for Business Economists, American Economic Association, Association for Investment Management and Research, and of the Houston Society of Financial Analysts. Campion is published in academic and professional journals including Bank Asset/Liability Management, The North America Journal of Economics and Finance, The Texas Pension Observer and The World Economy: The America’s. Her hobbies include running, swimming and playing the violin.

Dr. Campion has received her B.A from Rice University and M.A from University of Houston. She completed her PhD course work in Economics at the University of Houston. She is a certified Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) and Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst (AIFA).

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