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Mary Kathryn Campion

Dr. Campion is the founder and president of Champion Capital Research. The firm is a research oriented institutional investment management company. The firm’s clientele includes public defined benefit and corporate defined contribution plans, as well as foundations and non-profits. Champion Capital Research has the distinction of being the first firm to certify for fiduciary excellence (CEFEX) a 2.5B public defined benefit plan. The firm has conducted fiduciary assessments for public and corporate plans whose combined assets exceed thirty billion (30B) in assets. Additionally, the firm donates nearly five percent of its profits to charities annually.

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Robert Frusina

Robert Frusina holds a quantitative research position for Champion Capital Research. In this position, Robert participates in portfolio management sessions where he collects and analyzes financial and economic data and continues to gain fiduciary assessment and asset allocation experience. His experience and knowledge are essential to the firm’s quantitative portfolio management process as well and its fiduciary audit and assessment projects.

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Blanca Gomez

Blanca has been an integral part of Champion’s team since 2013. She has over ten years of experience in portfolio accounting and operations management. As an operations supervisor, Blanca assumes administrative responsibilities for personnel, vendor, and client relationships. With respect to accounting, Blanca provides support by reconciling daily investment portfolio transactions and producing client portfolio reports.

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Anney Haider

Anney Haider pursues marketing efforts and strategies for Champion Capital Research. Over the past few years, Anney has gained experience with social media optimization, firm and product branding and marketing research. She has experience producing marketing material for the firm and her process-oriented methodologies have produced meaningful results for the firm.

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Keith Alden Loveland

Keith Alden Loveland is a nationally recognized attorney, author, consultant and teacher within the fields of investments, securities and securities offerings, ethical versus fraudulent practices regarding investments and securities, and fiduciary matters. He has been qualified as an expert regarding the above matters in state and federal courts, and in AAA and NASD/FINRA arbitrations, and also has served as an arbitrator and qualified neutral mediator. Keith currently serves as a subject matter expert to the North American Securities Administrators’ Association [NASAA]; he previously served as a subject matter expert to the New York Stock Exchange [NYSE] Qualification Committee.

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Kathleen McBride

McBride has more than 35 years of experience in the investment industry including senior posts as a bond underwriter, trader and later, investment adviser. In 2009, she was a founder of The Committee for the Fiduciary Standard, later serving as its Chair. Nationally recognized for her fiduciary process expertise, she frequently speaks, writes, comments, and testifies on investment fiduciary regulation and investor advocacy issues, and meets frequently with regulators and lawmakers.

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